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You need bunk beds. Yes. You really do. Everyone needs bunk beds. Edit: There is something wrong with the non-shiftable Kinder Kontainer Bed. I'm working on it.

I got this idea from the brilliant and talented Ja. She made some very versatile bunk beds using Inje's shelf beds (Inje is brilliant and talented too!). They were super cool, except I don't play a grungy game. They just didn't match my aesthetic. I cloned most of these objects from Ja's because it's a heck of a lot easier to clone a slaved object than to slave it from scratch. Some credit also goes to alias and lin@shinysims, I used their single beds as bases.

Onto the good stuff!

Kinder Kontainer Bed. Based on and slaved to the cheap BG crib. Made by me: non-shiftable bed with wheels, posts, and shiftable bed.

Craftmeister Pine Bed. Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

Courtly Sleeper Day Dreamer. Original by lin@shinysims. I've included her mesh. Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

Zenu Meditaion bed. To be honest this isn't the best conversion, and the mapping on the single bed that I used is a bit off. I figure, its passable enough for a bed I don't love. Original by lin@shinysims. I've included her mesh. Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

Caress of Teak. Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

Touch of Teak. This one is a little strange too, but it has to do with the way the shadows fall in the source textures. Works okay as a bunk, not so well as a loft. Original by lin@shinysims. I've included her mesh. Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

#4234. Original by alias. I've included her mesh. Made by me: weird flat panel/post thing and shiftable bed.

Soma. I could not find a single bed version of this bed! So I made one. Made by me: a non-shiftable bed, posts and a shiftable bed.

Bed by St. Ajoque Reproductions. This one doesn't really work as a bunk bed, the posts are too close togther and the shape is all wrong. Makes a nice enough loft though! Made by me: posts and shiftable bed.

Since making these I have become obsessed with reordering my catalogs by manipulating the prices of objects. Now all my single beds are less than 1000 simoleons, and all the double beds more than 1000. Tidy! If you want beds modded this way, download the link below.
DOWNLOAD with modded prices!
Hopefully I will be making more of these at some point. Some of the beds in latter EPs are pretty great. It may be a while though, these were a huge PITA. Not so much making them but figuring out why my glitchy game didn't like them (If they don't show up try deleting your thumbnails). Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them!
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