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So here's the thing with follower's gifts... it isn't so much that i made the thing for you. I made the thing for me. The gift part is the bit where I get off my lazy butt and post something that may not be of interest to anyone but me. On to the arguably useless gift!

I have completely mangled the career system and replaced it with something I like better. I have default replaced several and added a few more to give me the number I was looking for (two dozen + two). Here is the list:
  • Adventure(Rewritten)
  • Agriculture(this career with the pay-grade changed)
  • Architecture
  • Artist (replaces Oceanography, doesn't require degree)
  • Athletic Business
  • Criminal
  • Culinary
  • Education
  • Finance (replaces Intelligence)
  • Inventor
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Law Enforcement
  • Marketing (replaces Dance)
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Paranormal
  • Programming (replaces Gamer)
  • Show Business (replaces Entertainment)
  • Science
  • Slacker
  • Retail Business Owner (replaces Artist)
  • Bar Owner (replaces Show Business)
Some notes about the changes in these!
  • All of the pay scales have been reworked. Some of them are pretty brutal (music for example). Most start out at about 500 a week, and max out between 2500 a week and 4000 a week.
  • I've added level numbers to all the career names, so you can tell if you are level 5,6, or whatever.
  • New Careers have career names, career descriptions, and new icons , but I HAVE NOT EDITED THE CHANCE CARDS. Be prepared for them to make no sense.
  • I spell poorly. There are errors here, but I'm incapable of catching them.
  • Most all the jobs go to work in their day clothes.
The last two careers are special. They are for OFB business owners. They fix the redundant time issue. I give the appropriate career to my business owner, but when the carpool comes I cancel it from the queue. I then send the owner to their lot and proceed as normal, bringing them home around the time their career ends. Back on the home lot I instruct them to walk to work. The business owner jobs pay $0 and freeze the sim's motives. They just hold the sim in stasis till they should return from work.

Download Them All

I'm sure some people will want those Owner careers as stand alone that doesn't replace anything. I did that too. These are cloned from Uni careers, so they won't appear in the paper for sims without a degree (less clutter that way). You'll need to assign them with the simblender or some similar hack.

Download Stand Alone Owner Careers

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 photo ReallyGreat.jpg

This is a set of highly functional wall overlays devoted to architecture. I've had a number of things like this in my game over the years but this is the first set that meets my standards.

 photo All.jpg photo Meshes.jpg

It's single sided and flat. you either see it or you don't. No weird floating edges.

It's not select able, there is no view interaction. it will not get in the way of your play.

It's has a diagonal state. It can be placed on diagonal walls and still tile perfectly.

It comes in several widths to accommodate windows, doors and wall edges. These smaller sections also tile in almost any configuration.

They are super Maxis match. Yay! They also fit perfectly with my standardized moldings sets. Those are in this post with more to be released... maybe.


Pretty examples:

 photo Example02-1.jpg
 photo Example01-1.jpg

 photo 25Followers.jpg
 photo TooManyWalls.jpg

Its a flat wall color free for all!!!!!

Important facts:
There are 1845 files in this download.
That's 615 colors with 3 molding options each.
The moldings are my maxis match creation, they look very nice both with and without ceilings.
These ARE bucket fill: but so is flat wall paint if you think about it.
They show up in the catalog in a relatively agreeable way, all three moldings for a color together, and groups of similar colors together.
The 3 iterations of a color share a name, so you can be certain that you are matching.
There will be spelling errors. I can't spell.


 photo MouldingColors.jpg photo WithAndWithoutCeilings.jpg

I also have about a billion patterned walls that I've redone to match these. They are collected from around the community and I'm not inclined to go hunt down people's policies. I will upload them if enough people tell me no one is gonna yell at me for redistributing 'em. All of those files are credited to their original creators, would that make it okay?
Well, the better part of a month ago I promised to upload a number of bits and bobs that have been languishing in my downloads folder. Promptness is not one of my strengths... better late than never?

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You need bunk beds. Yes. You really do. Everyone needs bunk beds. Edit: There is something wrong with the non-shiftable Kinder Kontainer Bed. I'm working on it.

9 base game matching bunk beds this way. )
Finished and working, finally. Yeesh.

More info + download )
This is useless without Apartment Life. If you don't have the ability to shift paintings up and down, walk on by. Yeah, its a niche thing, but someone wants it.

what it is and the download )

Baby Steps

Aug. 25th, 2011 02:51 am
Adele's Moroccan Box in 32 Aelia Colors.

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This is the first upload! If I've screwed it up somehow let me know.


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