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First up recolors. This is HolySimoly's lovely LaBoheme Valance... thoug I've always called it a dust ruffle, so there. It comes in Aelia's Autumn, Aelia's Jewels, and CuriousB's AnyColorYouLike. Mesh's are included, the double by HolySimoly, the single by Gayle at Sims2Artists, and a crib version by Huge Lunatic. I've altered those meshes as follows: Double is in seating:beds for a $100 and has been made slightly narrower to better fit more beds, Single bed is in seating:beds for a $100 and has been made slightly narrower to better fit more beds, Crib has been moved to general:child for $35 and the shadow has been removed because it was the wrong shape.


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That skin blend I was working on. I've called it MadeMeDoIt.... because I really had no choice at all. It had to be done. I've tried to hit that sweet spot between maxis match and realistic... I like it?
40 shades. Geneticized and townified. No fat or fit states, sorry. Conflicts with Pooklet's Kids In Technicolor.
Credits: Built on top of Pooklet's Kids In Technicolor (long story folks), nose, eyes, mouth, adult/teen bodies are mangled versions of FMV Game. Also hand painting by me.

Important note: the sims in the top picture are not wearing make up or nose masks or anything... the sims in the other pictures however, may have all manner of CC. I HATE taking previews so I just grabbed a bunch of sims from my hood and dropped 'em on a lot. That hairy guy? That's an overlay, also nose masks like MAD. Full disclosure and all that.

DOWNLOAD T&SP's MadeMeDoIt Skins

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So this one is a little odd. I call it the lot de-socializer. I find it frustrating when I send sims to community lots and they just hang out not talking to each other. My solution in the past has been to drop everyone's social to half periodically using the simBlender. This is easier: it increases the rate of social decay for any sim in the same room. The effect of multiple de-socializers is cumulative. I usually use one or two. Now my sims talk to each other! Also, sometimes shy sims come home lonelier than when they left :)
Costs $3 and lives in general:misc, cloned from the journalism award so you'll need whatever EP that came with. Texture is a mangled version of a texture by Alfred Askew.

DOWNLOAD Lot de-socializer

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This last one is for the creators out there. Actions are awesome, but when was the last time you wanted just one color? You want the whole set, right? These are actions to run other actions! You'll need the creator's actions for these to work, but once you have it set up you can hit one button and have ALL THE COLORS. YES.

Actions Covered:
Aelia's Jewels, Lonesome, Autumn, Eco Naturals, Retro
CuriousB's Any Color You Like
Poppet's Memories, Lonesome, TrueRomance
HA's iCad colors
Pooklets Naturals v3, Unnatural v3
Also: a bonus action that runs all the actions with a white base.

Here's how you do it (its a bit fiddly, but I couldn't find a way around doing this manually)
Get your texture all ready to go. Then copy it.
Create new and paste your texture into it and merge down.
Create new again.
Create new again. Do not click away from the last document you created, that's the one you need to have selected.
Run ActivateAction! of your choice. (go get a sandwich its gonna take a minute)

Annoying bit: This is SUPPOSED to name all the layers as it creates them, but there is this funny thing that happens where the action is actually going so fast that the computer can't keep up. It doesn't hurt anything, it just means sometimes it will name the layer, but mostly not. Annoying but not a deal breaker.

DOWNLOAD ActivateActions!

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