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Its a flat wall color free for all!!!!!

Important facts:
There are 1845 files in this download.
That's 615 colors with 3 molding options each.
The moldings are my maxis match creation, they look very nice both with and without ceilings.
These ARE bucket fill: but so is flat wall paint if you think about it.
They show up in the catalog in a relatively agreeable way, all three moldings for a color together, and groups of similar colors together.
The 3 iterations of a color share a name, so you can be certain that you are matching.
There will be spelling errors. I can't spell.


 photo MouldingColors.jpg photo WithAndWithoutCeilings.jpg

I also have about a billion patterned walls that I've redone to match these. They are collected from around the community and I'm not inclined to go hunt down people's policies. I will upload them if enough people tell me no one is gonna yell at me for redistributing 'em. All of those files are credited to their original creators, would that make it okay?
Well, the better part of a month ago I promised to upload a number of bits and bobs that have been languishing in my downloads folder. Promptness is not one of my strengths... better late than never?

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Finished and working, finally. Yeesh.

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Baby Steps

Aug. 25th, 2011 02:51 am
Adele's Moroccan Box in 32 Aelia Colors.

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This is the first upload! If I've screwed it up somehow let me know.


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