Thing 1: A better screen shot program.

I'm running windows 7. I am currently using Fraps, but I think it contributes to my game crashing. I just want something really light weight. All it needs to let me do is pick my screen cap key and the destination for the file. Any suggestions?

Thing 2: A very small neighborhood terrain or empty hood.

Roads fairly close together and not too many of 'em. Preferably with space for a beach lot or two. I'm not 100% happy with what I'm using and can't quite bear to install SC2 just for this.
AKA: Is anyone gonna want this?

So I'm really neurotic when it comes to moldings on my sim walls. I made a very simple Maxis match-y crown and kick molding set that I have been slapping on ALL of the walls I download. I have literally thousands of these. The crown is designed to look good from above and below ceilings. Most moldings get cut off in a random spot and look weird. These don't. Every wall comes with three colors: white, light wood, and medium wood. I also have a clone of a wall writing mesh devoted solely to other colors (in case I want green molding).

And the question: Is there enough interest for me to bother uploading this stuff? And if I do, how much preview info do really I need to give?
So, I want to share the stuff I make, but I hate taking preview pics. My game seriously takes over an hour and a half to go from desktop to CAS: when I boot the game I want to PLAY.

Anybody want to take my screenies for me? puhhhh-leeeeeease? I have a bunch of things done I could give you right now.

Thank you to anyone willing.

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