Oct. 3rd, 2011

I'm working on this and just wanted to share:

It's going to be a whole set of shelf beds slaved to maxis beds. Bunk beds for everyone! I've got beds done that match the craftmeister pine bed, courtly sleeper day dreamer, caress of teak, colonial bed, funkensnooz, and kinder kontainer crib. Still working on the somma, touch of teak, and zenu mediation beds. I'm already using them in my game 'cuz ALL my sims live in teeny weeny apartments.
AKA: Is anyone gonna want this?

So I'm really neurotic when it comes to moldings on my sim walls. I made a very simple Maxis match-y crown and kick molding set that I have been slapping on ALL of the walls I download. I have literally thousands of these. The crown is designed to look good from above and below ceilings. Most moldings get cut off in a random spot and look weird. These don't. Every wall comes with three colors: white, light wood, and medium wood. I also have a clone of a wall writing mesh devoted solely to other colors (in case I want green molding).

And the question: Is there enough interest for me to bother uploading this stuff? And if I do, how much preview info do really I need to give?

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