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 photo TutorialWallsheader.jpg

This tutorial is not nearly as glamourous as the stacked lots tutorial, but It will utterly revolutionize how you build. I SWEAR it will make your game better. Everyone can and should at least try this. I promise it is easy. The only even mildly tricky bit is putting in Numenor's no-cut-away wall in, and all that requires is the scriptorium. DO THIS THING. You will not regret it.

You will need:
Numenor's No-Cut-Away Walls

Now, for the sake of this tutorial I am going to retro fit an existing lot with no-cut-away walls. It is faster to just build with the no-cut-away walls, but it seemed best to do it this way for the tutorial. Hopefully it will be clear enough that you can clearly grasp the idea, and expand it to your own needs. Also I've probably WAY over explained this... don't be intimidated by how many pictures there are. I took them so I wanted to use them.

This is the house I am working with.
 photo Tutorialwalls01.jpg
First empty.

 photo Tutorialwalls02.jpg
Then decorated.

 photo Tutorialwalls03.jpg
But if I were to go play the lot I would either be stuck in walls up mode, where stuff is hard to see.

 photo Tutorialwalls05.jpg
 photo Tutorialwalls04.jpg
Or I would be looking at all the rooms at once :(.

 photo Tutorialwalls06.jpg
First step is moving all the wallhanging and other stuff that would be deleted if I delete the walls.

 photo Tutorialwalls08.jpg
Next I am going to delete interior walls that I want to stay up in the cut away view. I've highlighted them in the above pic. In most cases this is all sections except those that adjoin the exterior walls. There are of course exceptions, in this case I'm also replacing that wall next to the computer nook just because it happened to look better. This whole thing is fairly low commitment so you can always play around.

 photo Tutorialwalls09.jpg
And here's with the walls gone.

 photo Tutorialwalls10.jpg
Then you simply replace them with Numenor's NO-Cut-Away walls. EASIEST THING EVAR. You may notice that some meshes go dark when you close up the walls. Pick them up and drop them or delete and undo to reset them. Then just reapply paint, doors, and deco.

 photo Tutorialwalls16.jpg
 photo Tutorialwalls14.jpg
 photo Tutorialwalls17.jpg
Obviously, you can also just build this way... which is how I do it. I also like to put No-Cut-Away walls on exterior walls that lead to balconies, but YMMV. This is just a REALLY EASY trick that it is nice to know about.
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