The It Will Last Longer surface meshes weren't working, but now they are fixed. Please re-download them.

I never did figure out what exactly the problem was, but I re-cloned them from something else and they all seem to be working now. You can head over to the It Will Last Longer post and allow the new files to overwrite the old (same file name & GUID) or download just the fixed meshes here.
Finished and working, finally. Yeesh.

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Quick WIP

Aug. 28th, 2011 10:07 pm
Thanks everyone for the super warm reception! Nice comments make me want to make more stuff! This is just a quick WIP preview of the next thing coming down the pipeline.

This is a set of 36 paintings (6 sizes for wall x 2 matte options x horizontal and vertical rotations) + (3 sizes for surfaces x 2 matte options x horizontal and vertical rotations) all repositoried! Its based on the doggy dreams photo from the Ikea SP, but with the frame and photo now separately recolorable. Its mostly done; but I still need to do some catalog changes, decide if I want a few more options, and take pictures.
This is useless without Apartment Life. If you don't have the ability to shift paintings up and down, walk on by. Yeah, its a niche thing, but someone wants it.

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Baby Steps

Aug. 25th, 2011 02:51 am
Adele's Moroccan Box in 32 Aelia Colors.

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This is the first upload! If I've screwed it up somehow let me know.

I made this account with the intent of actually posting some of the crap that I make for the Sims 2. I've been lurking the DW community for a while worrying my hands about how to get involved. It even crossed my mind to make one of those terrible "want to post but am afraid" sim secrets. I also considered begging to piggy back on someone else's existing blog... but that seemed obnoxious too. So here I am with a blog with nothing on it, pussy footing around introducing myself:

Hi, I'm Jane and I am a Sims addict. (I suppose that wasn't so hard.)

Hopefully there will be some content here soonish.
Yeah. I have a dreamwidth account now.

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